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Xtreme Ninja Program

Program Length: 45-55 min classes

What is Xtreme Ninja???? It's a fusion of martial arts, gymnastics, obstacle course training, and freestyle movement!

This program is perfect for boys ages 3-11!

Xtreme Ninja uses techniques to leverage kids' fire and enthusiasm into an activity they truly love, while building strength, agility, stealth and mental prowess of a trained NINJA.

Why Choose Xtreme Ninja?

Everyone wants to be a Ninja Warrior!

In this class, we will be using our current gymnastics and preschool equipment to teach basic gymnastics skills such as balancing, running, jumping, swinging, rolling and cartwheeling. The children will also be taught the proper way to fall and land safely.

A portion of the class will be spent working on physical benefits including increased strength, agility, endurance and flexibility

By teaching the children to have fun while being a “Ninja warrior” we are helping to instill a lifelong love of activity and physical fitness while increasing their overall self-confidence.

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At Xtreme Gymnastics, we strive to offer excellent gymnastics, ninja and tumbling training to all of our students, from toddlers and young children through young adults up to 18.


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